We are a family with three children aged five and under.

We love to think about food and talk about what we’re going to eat. Before we had kids we used to fight about food but now we don’t have time.

One of our kids is a cautious and selective eater, and the other has to be pried out of the olive jar. At the moment our baby will try anything and we’re trying to exploit that for good. We want our kids to eat well and we want them to have a good relationship with food (and us) but sometimes the two don’t go together very well.

Like most families, we have  limitations due to allergies (egg and dairy) and strong aversions (fish, raw tomatoes, liquorice). And that’s just the grownups.

By the time we had our third child, in 2014, our diet had narrowed to about four dishes and take out, and the kids were on a treadmill of pizza, pasta, sausages and fish fingers.

We see it as part of our job as parents to introduce our kids to a variety of foods, and to get them used to idea of trying new things. Here goes.


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